SHRED Coach Online Program

$14.99 Qty

SHRED Coach has been developed to be the perfect companion to the SHRED Program, providing you the tools, structure and support you need to get the best weight loss results!

Many of you have asked for these tools and now they are available to you to make your journey easier and more successful. You’ve made the commitment to lose weight and improve your health, so maximize your chances of success by getting all of the tools that will help you succee.

SHRED Coach is the best and most affordable investment for you to reinforce that commitment and get the results you want. Some of the features you will enjoy are:

• Easy to use tools that you can access on your phone, tablet or computer to stay on track

• Text reminders that you can respond to to update your plan

• Weekly learning modules and motivational messages from Dr Ian

• All 6 weeks of eating plans online to help you easily find the foods you can choose

The cost of the SHRED Coach six-week program is $14.99. The monthly maintenance fee for continued access to the SHRED Coach tools following the completion of the six-week program is $4.99 and this maintenance fee will be automatically be charged to the credit card you used for the purchase of the SHRED Coach program unless you choose to opt out of the maintenance fee. You will be provided with an email notice 1 week prior to the completion of the 6-week program providing you with the option to opt out of the maintenance fee. The email will be sent to the email address you used to register for the program.